At GF Canada, there are two types of fees:

  1. Transaction Fee: This covers the fee of the investment consultant. Before the transaction, customers will be informed of the costs associated with selling or purchasing securities (direct or deferred).
  2. Annual Fee: This fee is charged based on the size of the investment account. It will be a percentage of the funds within the investment account, charged monthly or quarterly. The fee covers the investment advising and other related services, as well as transaction costs in the portfolio.

GF Securities Canada is a full-service brokerage firm. Our investment advisors will personalize investment strategies based on our clients’ unique cases. We welcome the opportunity to serve all types of clients.

GF Canada currently offers both CAD and USD accounts. There are three possible deposits methods listed below:

  1. Through the Bill Payment function through your online banking: you can make deposits to your investment account through your online banking website. This method will differ based on each bank’s own policies, so it may be limited to only CAD accounts.
  2. Cheque Deposits: You can write a cheque from your Canadian bank account made to GF Securities (Canada) Limited.
  3. Bank Draft Deposit: GF Canada have specific requirements regarding bank drafts. Please contact your investment consultant for more information.